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The New York Times (NYT) is building a team to explore the use of artificial intelligence (AI), specifically generative AI and machine learning, in its newsroom1. The team will be led by Zach Seward, who was recently hired by the publication to head AI initiatives13. The team will consist of a mix of engineers and editors, including a machine learning engineer, a software engineer, a designer, and a couple of editors1. The goal of this initiative is to prototype uses of generative AI and other machine learning technologies in the newsroom1. However, the NYT has emphasized that its journalism will always be reported, written, and edited by its expert journalists13. The AI tools are intended to assist journalists in their work and help broaden the reach and expand the report3. This move comes at a time when many news organizations are exploring how to incorporate AI into their operations1. For instance, Google has been testing a product that uses AI technology to produce news stories2. However, the use of AI in newsrooms has been controversial, with concerns about the proliferation of fake news and stories written by AI with fake human bylines1. The NYT has had a complex relationship with generative AI in the past. It was one of the first news organizations to block OpenAI’s web crawler from scraping its content, which led to a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, OpenAI’s biggest investor1. Despite these challenges, the NYT is now taking steps to explore how AI can be used in a responsible and beneficial way in its newsroom13.
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