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Washed Out, an indie chillwave artist, has released the first officially commissioned music video created entirely using OpenAI's text-to-video AI model, Sora. The groundbreaking four-minute video for the song "The Hardest Part" was directed by filmmaker Paul Trillo and produced by Trillo Films. To create the video, Trillo generated around 700 video clips using detailed text prompts in Sora. He then selected and edited together 55 of the best clips in Adobe Premiere, with only minor touch-ups, to craft the final narrative. The video depicts a couple's relationship journey from their teenage years through marriage, parenthood and old age, set across various locations like a high school, grocery store, and surreal dreamlike environments. Trillo said the idea of an "infinite zoom" style video moving rapidly through different scenes was something he had envisioned almost a decade ago but had abandoned as too complex to execute with traditional methods. However, Sora's AI capabilities enabled him to fully realize this concept in a way that "could only exist with this specific technology". Washed Out, whose real name is Ernest Greene, expressed excitement about being a pioneer in using AI for music videos, allowing artists to "dream bigger" beyond the constraints of traditional budgets and production limitations. The video showcases both the remarkable potential and current limitations of AI video generation, with some inconsistencies in character appearance and chaotic elements, but an overall compelling and emotionally resonant narrative. The music video's release comes amidst ongoing debates in the entertainment industry about the implications of AI for jobs and creative work. While some see tools like Sora as a threat, others believe they will enhance artists' capabilities and make ambitious visions more feasible, especially for lower-budget projects. As the technology continues to rapidly advance, Washed Out's "The Hardest Part" stands as a significant milestone demonstrating AI's growing impact on music, film and digital art.
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