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Rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2, also referred to as "NG" internally, have been circulating for some time. While Nintendo has not officially announced the console, several leaks and speculations provide some insight into what we might expect. The Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to be released in fall 2024, with a specific date of September 24, 2024, mentioned by a leaker named SoldierDelta1278. However, it's important to note that this is not confirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt. In terms of specifications, the new console might feature a larger 8-inch LCD display and 512GB of storage3. It's also speculated that the Switch 2 will continue to use cartridges like its predecessor but may introduce a new format of cartridge3. The console is rumored to be using an updated Nvidia system-on-chip (SoC)6. The Switch 2 is expected to be released in two models: a digital-only option for $400 and a cartridge-compatible version for $44978. This is a significant increase from the original Switch's launch price of $299, but it's speculated that this price point will allow the console to remain competitive with other handheld gaming devices8. As for games, it's highly likely that Nintendo will upgrade the existing hybrid console model, making the next-gen console backwards compatible1. This would allow users to play games from the original Switch on the new console. Finally, it's worth noting that these are all rumors and speculations, and official details will only be confirmed once Nintendo makes an announcement. Until then, fans and gamers will have to wait for more information.
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