Nvidia's $2 trillion valuation

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Nvidia Corporation has recently been in the spotlight for its rapid market valuation growth, driven by the high demand for its AI chips. On Friday, Nvidia's shares closed 0.4% higher, which gave the company a market value of about $1.97 trillion. The stock had risen as much as 4.9% to a record high during intraday trading, briefly topping the $2 trillion mark. This surge in valuation comes after Nvidia reported strong earnings and provided guidance above expectations, fueled by AI spending from its major customers. The company's shares opened Friday at $807.90, valuing Nvidia at $2.02 trillion. However, by the end of the trading session, the shares pulled back slightly, and Nvidia did not maintain a closing market value above $2 trillion. Despite this, Nvidia's market cap did exceed $2 trillion during the day, less than nine months after it crossed the $1 trillion threshold. This rapid ascent has been propelled by the demand for its graphics processors, which are essential for AI applications. Nvidia's performance has been compared to the dotcom era, with some analysts suggesting that the current valuation may be "bubble-like" due to AI-driven investor enthusiasm. Nevertheless, Nvidia's achievements in the market have been significant, with the company becoming the first semiconductor firm to flirt with a $2 trillion valuation. If Nvidia were to close above the $2 trillion mark in the future, it would be the quickest company to reach this milestone since its $1 trillion valuation.
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