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OpenAI has recently updated its usage policy to allow for military applications of its technologies. Previously, the policy prohibited the use of its products for "military and warfare" purposes, but this restriction has been removed in an unannounced update. The change appears to have gone live on January 10, 2024. The removal of "military and warfare" from OpenAI's prohibited uses suggests that the company is now open to serving military customers123. The company's updated usage policy now includes a more generic ban on using its services to “harm yourself or others”2. It's important to note that while OpenAI has softened its stance on military use, it still maintains policies against illegal activities and harmful content58. The US military has been exploring how to use generative AI, and this policy change could potentially open up new avenues for collaboration3. However, it's crucial to remember that any use of AI in military contexts would still need to adhere to ethical guidelines and international law6.
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