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OpenAI has responded to a lawsuit filed by Elon Musk, one of its co-founders, by stating its intention to dismiss all of his claims. In a detailed blog post, OpenAI outlines its perspective on the relationship with Musk and the progression of the company's mission. The post reveals that Musk had proposed merging OpenAI with Tesla and sought full control, including majority equity, initial board control, and the CEO position. OpenAI declined these terms, feeling it would be against their mission for any individual to have absolute control over the company. The blog post also addresses Musk's allegations that OpenAI has deviated from its original nonprofit mission and has become a closed-source subsidiary of Microsoft focused on profit. OpenAI refutes this by highlighting its commitment to building safe and beneficial artificial general intelligence (AGI) and ensuring that the benefits are broadly distributed. They also clarify that while the company's mission does not imply open-sourcing AGI, they are making their technology widely available, including through open-source contributions. OpenAI emphasizes its achievements, such as empowering Albania to accelerate its EU accession and assisting farmers in Kenya and India through Digital Green. They also mention the use of their tools in healthcare and language preservation, showcasing the practical applications of their AI technology. The blog post includes a historical account of the funding commitments and Musk's changing views on the company's probability of success, from suggesting a $1 billion funding commitment to later leaving OpenAI and starting a competitor within Tesla. OpenAI expresses regret over the legal conflict with Musk, whom they once deeply admired13467.
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