OpenAI misinformation strategy

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OpenAI has developed a comprehensive strategy to combat misinformation, particularly in the context of elections. This strategy includes several key components:
  1. Model Construction and Access: OpenAI is working on building models that are more fact-sensitive and imposing stricter usage restrictions on language models.
  2. Content Dissemination: OpenAI is coordinating with platforms to identify AI-generated content.
  3. Belief Formation: OpenAI is working on developing models that are more detectable, and platforms are requiring "proof of personhood" to post.
  4. Digital Watermarking: OpenAI plans to digitally watermark AI images created using its DALL-E image generator. This will permanently mark the content with information about its origin, making it easier to identify whether an image was created using AI.
  5. Partnerships: OpenAI is partnering with the National Association of Secretaries of State to elevate accurate voting information.
  6. Impersonation Prevention: OpenAI has outlined a plan to prevent its tools from being used to create chatbots that impersonate real people to misrepresent how voting works or to discourage people from voting.
  7. Provenance Classifier: OpenAI is working on the use of cryptography to better detect AI-generated images using a provenance classifier. This will help voters assess the reliability of certain content.
  8. Directing Voting Queries: OpenAI's tools will begin directing voting questions in the United States to, a reliable source for voting information.
  9. Policy Updates: OpenAI has updated its policies, prohibiting the use of its AI tools, including ChatGPT and Dall-E, for impersonating political candidates or local governments. The new rules also ban these tools in campaigns, lobbying efforts, discouraging voting, or misrepresenting the voting process.
It's important to note that these measures are still being rolled out and rely heavily on user reports to identify misuse. The effectiveness of these steps in mitigating election misinformation remains uncertain due to the rapidly evolving nature of AI.
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