OpenAI tops $1.6b in revenue

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OpenAI, the company behind the popular AI model ChatGPT, has achieved over $1.6 billion in revenue for the year 20232. This figure represents a significant increase from the $1.3 billion projected in October 20231346. The company's revenue growth has been largely attributed to the success of its ChatGPT product27. ChatGPT, a large language model, has become massively popular since its launch, contributing significantly to OpenAI's revenue2356. The company's revenue growth has been remarkable, especially considering that its total revenue for the entire year of 2022 was just $28 million36. This revenue growth occurred amid some internal drama at OpenAI. The company's CEO, Sam Altman, was fired and then reinstated under unclear circumstances2. Despite this, OpenAI's customers appear to have largely shrugged off the internal issues, as evidenced by the company's continued strong revenue growth7.
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