OpenAI's $100 billion valuation

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OpenAI, the artificial intelligence startup known for its development of ChatGPT, is reportedly in early discussions to raise a new round of funding at a valuation of $100 billion or more123567. The terms, valuation, and timing of the funding round have not yet been finalized and could still change67. If the valuation holds, it would make OpenAI the second-most valuable U.S. startup, following SpaceX2. In addition to this funding round, OpenAI has also held discussions with G42, an Abu Dhabi-based company focused on AI, about potentially raising money for a new chip venture267. However, details about this potential partnership are not yet clear. It's important to note that these discussions are still in their early stages, and the final terms and valuation may change as the talks progress267.
what is openai and what does it do
who are the investors that openai is talking to
what is the significance of openai's $100 billion valuation
OpenAI in talks to raise new funding at $100 bln valuation ...
OpenAI Is in Early Talks to Raise New Funding at $100 Billion ...
OpenAI Raising New Funding at $100B Valuation |
OpenAI in talks to raise new funding at $100 billion valuation ...
OpenAI Is in Talks to Raise New Funding at Valuation of $100 ...
Briefing: OpenAI in Talks to Raise Funding at $100 Billion ...
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