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OpenAI is set to launch its GPT Store next week, a platform that will allow developers to share custom applications based on OpenAI's text-generating AI models, such as GPT-41. The GPT Store was first announced during OpenAI’s first annual developer conference, DevDay, last year1. Developers building GPTs will need to review OpenAI’s updated usage policies, verify their user profile, and ensure that their GPTs are published as “public”1. The GPT Store will serve as a repository for custom GPTs, which can be created using OpenAI’s builder functionality5. The company posits a range of use cases, including math instruction, learning the rules of board games, and more5. The GPT Store will make these user-created generative AI tools searchable and shareable5. Plans are also in the works to allow AI makers to make money from their creations, although OpenAI has not yet provided details on how this would work5. The launch of the GPT Store was initially planned for late 2023 but was delayed due to a leadership shakeup at OpenAI1245. The company's CEO, Sam Altman, was briefly ousted by the board of directors, causing a delay in the rollout of the online store4. The GPT Store is seen as a significant move for OpenAI, with some comparing it to the Apple App Store25. However, there are still critical questions about the store's operation, such as how much OpenAI will take for its cut of custom GPT sales/subscriptions, what pricing options and mechanisms will be allowed, and how much developers will be able to charge2. More information is expected to be revealed next week12.
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