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Recent leaks suggest that Sony is developing a new version of its PlayStation 5 console, tentatively referred to as the PlayStation 5 Pro or PS5 Pro. The leaks, which have been circulating on social media and gaming forums, provide potential specifications for the new console. However, it's important to note that these are unconfirmed and should be treated as rumors until officially announced by Sony. The PS5 Pro is rumored to be codenamed "Project Trinity" and is described as a "4K ray tracing monster"1. It's expected to have a new custom APU built on a 5/4nm TSMC process, which would allow for faster load times and improved performance1. The console is also rumored to have a computational power of 23.04 TFLOPS1. The PS5 Pro is expected to feature an AMD RDNA3 GPU with 60 Compute Units2. The console is said to be using a new SoC called Viola, manufactured using TSMC N4P node2. The custom APU is expected to employ Zen2 cores, which means it would retain the same microarchitecture as the current version of the console2. The APU will now allow the CPU cores to boost up to 4.4 GHz2. The primary graphics will be RDNA3-based, with enhancements in ray tracing drawing from the RDNA4 architecture2. The console is also rumored to have 16GB of 18 gbps GDDR6, a 256-bit memory bus with 576 GB/s memory bandwidth, and improvements to memory, ray tracing, and upscaling4. The architecture is expected to be RDNA3, but it's taking ray tracing improvements from RDNA44. The PS5 Pro is expected to be revealed in September 20243. However, some sources suggest that the full specifications of the console might leak sooner due to the distribution of development kits to third-party developers378. Again, these are all rumors and should be treated as such until Sony officially confirms the existence and specifications of the PS5 Pro.
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