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Rabbit, the company behind the AI gadget Rabbit R1, has announced a partnership with Perplexity, a company known for its conversational AI-powered answer engine1. The Rabbit R1, a $199 device designed by Teenage Engineering, is a standalone AI gadget that has already sold through 50,000 preorders1. The device features a 2.88-inch touchscreen, a scroll wheel, two mics, a speaker, a rotational camera, and a "Push-to-Talk" button2. The collaboration between Rabbit and Perplexity will allow the Rabbit R1 to receive live, up-to-date information from Perplexity's AI 'answer engine'1. This means that unlike other large language models (LLMs) that can only reference data up to a certain date in the past, the R1 will have a built-in search engine with live, up-to-date answers1. Perplexity will be providing these up-to-date search results via Rabbit's device without the need for any subscription2. In addition to this, the first 100,000 Rabbit R1 purchases will come with one year of Perplexity Pro, a plan that includes access to newer LLMs like GPT-4 and normally costs $20 per month1. This advanced service adds file upload support, a daily quota of over 300 complex queries, and the ability to switch to other AI models, though these features don't necessarily apply to the R1's use case2. The partnership between Rabbit and Perplexity is seen as a fusion of cutting-edge technologies, enhancing the R1's capabilities and showcasing the potential of AI4. The integration of Perplexity's advanced APIs into Rabbit R1 aims to enhance the speed and accuracy of the device's responses, and allows Perplexity to gather valuable real-world data through live interactions with users, enabling continuous refinement and improvement of its language models8.
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