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Rumors are circulating that Reddit, the popular social media platform, is once again considering an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Reports suggest that Reddit is in talks with potential investors for an IPO and could go public as early as the first quarter of 2024124. Reddit had previously flirted with the idea of going public. In December 2021, the company confidentially submitted a draft registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an IPO14. However, these plans did not materialize. At that time, Reddit had just raised $410 million in financing led by Fidelity, valuing the company at $10 billion1. The company was considering a valuation of as much as $15 billion for the IPO124. Reddit has reportedly been working with Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs on the listing12. However, a Reddit spokesperson has declined to comment on these reports, citing a "quiet period"14. The timing of these rumors coincides with Reddit's recent rebranding, which included a refresh of its iconic logo and mascot, Snoo5. This has added to the speculation about the company's potential IPO5. It's important to note that these are still rumors and no official announcement has been made by Reddit. The company's plans for an IPO could still change, especially considering the recent volatility in the IPO market4.
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