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Thomson Reuters Corp., the parent company of Reuters News, is currently in discussions with generative AI providers to license its news and data content. The company's CEO, Steve Hasker, has not specified which providers they are in talks with but has stated that Reuters has an open-minded stance towards licensing their content to leading large AI providers. More information on this matter is expected to be released later in the year235. This move comes as AI companies are increasingly seeking to license content from news organizations. For instance, OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, is in discussions with media firms such as CNN, Fox Corp., and Time to license their work. The AI startup aims to use licensed articles to train its AI models and feature the licensed content in its products1. Other media companies, including Business Insider owner Axel Springer, have already signed licensing deals with AI providers. These deals allow AI providers to incorporate content from the publishers into their AI models, along with story attribution and links to the original articles4. The licensing of copyrighted materials to train large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT is a significant issue in the AI industry. This is due to ongoing copyright cases by writers, artists, and other copyright holders who claim that AI has succeeded thanks to their work. The outcome of these cases could potentially create significant roadblocks for the AI industry7.
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