Schools use AI to spot guns

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Schools across the United States are increasingly adopting artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance security measures by detecting firearms on their premises. This move is largely driven by the rising concerns over school shootings and the need for more proactive safety solutions.

AI Technologies Employed in Schools

  1. ZeroEyes Technology:
    • Deployment: ZeroEyes AI technology is being used in various schools to detect visible firearms in real-time. The technology integrates with existing camera systems to monitor video feeds and alert security personnel if a gun is detected.
    • Operation: When a potential threat is identified, images are sent to a ZeroEyes operations center where trained professionals verify the threat before notifying local authorities and school officials.
    • Locations: Schools in states like Illinois, Utah, and districts like Fort Smith Public Schools have implemented this technology.
  2.'s Free AI System:
    • Availability: offers a free AI system that schools can integrate with their existing surveillance cameras to detect firearms and other weapons.
    • Functionality: The system is capable of detecting various weapons and sends automatic alerts to school administrators and local law enforcement.
  3. Omnilert:
    • Features: Omnilert uses AI to monitor video feeds from existing cameras on school campuses to detect drawn weapons.
    • Specifics: The technology focuses on detecting brandished weapons, aiming to identify threats before they enter school buildings.
  4. General AI Detection Capabilities:
    • Capabilities: These AI systems can detect not only firearms but also other potential threats like knives and Kevlar vests. They are designed to recognize partially visible weapons as well.
    • Integration: The AI technologies are designed to work seamlessly with existing security infrastructures, enhancing their capability to proactively detect threats.

Challenges and Considerations

  • Effectiveness: While AI technologies promise enhanced security, there are concerns about their effectiveness. Issues such as false alarms, missed detections, and the adaptation to the quirks of the technology have been reported.
  • Privacy Concerns: Some AI systems, like ZeroEyes, focus solely on weapon detection without employing facial recognition, addressing privacy concerns particularly relevant in educational settings filled with minors.
  • Cost and Implementation: The cost of implementing these technologies can be significant, though some solutions like the one from are offered for free to schools. Schools must also consider ongoing operational costs and the need for integration with existing systems.


The integration of AI technologies in schools to detect firearms is part of a broader effort to enhance safety and security. While these systems offer promising capabilities, their deployment must be carefully managed to balance effectiveness with privacy and cost considerations. As these technologies evolve, they are expected to play an increasingly vital role in preventing potential incidents and enhancing the overall safety of students and staff.
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