SpaceX mysterious Boeing 737

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SpaceX has acquired a Boeing 737-800 jet that previously belonged to Air China. The aircraft, which has been painted in a distinctive two-tone gray and black color scheme, was spotted by plane spotters landing at Los Angeles. The jet's registration address is linked to "Falcon Aviation Holdings," an LLC registered to the address of SpaceX. The Boeing 737-800 began its life in 2002 and was converted into a freighter jet by Air China about ten years later. However, the exact purpose of SpaceX's acquisition of this aircraft remains unknown. Speculation includes potential uses as a corporate shuttle, a testbed for various technologies, or both. One possibility is that the aircraft could be used to test or demonstrate Starlink connectivity for commercial aviation, including potential military applications, as SpaceX has been expanding Starlink coverage in various ways. The aircraft's registration is N154TS, and it does not have a large cargo door on the side of the fuselage, which would be typical for a freighter conversion. This detail has led to further speculation about the plane's intended use, as it seems unlikely to be employed for large cargo operations. The fact that the jet is already painted and presumably fitted out suggests that it may not be intended for conversion into a freighter. It is important to note that SpaceX has previously been involved in launching classified missions for the US military, such as the X-37B spaceplane, but there is no direct evidence linking the acquisition of the Boeing 737-800 to any specific classified activities. The mystery surrounding the aircraft has sparked curiosity and speculation, but as of now, SpaceX has not publicly disclosed the purpose of the Boeing 737-800 within its operations.
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