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Tesla has unveiled the Optimus Gen 2, an advanced humanoid robot prototype with significant improvements over its predecessor. The new robot is 10 kg (22 lb) lighter, 30% faster, and features more human-like movements2. It has Tesla-designed actuators and sensors, a 2-DoF (degrees of freedom) actuated neck, and actuators-integrated electronics and harnessing1. The Optimus Gen 2 also has new hands with 11 degrees of freedom and tactile sensing on all fingers, allowing it to handle delicate objects like eggs6. Additionally, it has a more human foot shape with articulated toe sections and force/torque sensors2. Although the Optimus Gen 2 is not designed for production or sale, it represents a potential waypoint on a longer journey to develop a functional humanoid robot that can replace human labor in various tasks1.
what are the main improvements of optimus gen 2 compared to the previous version
what are the potential applications of optimus gen 2
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