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Tesla's Optimus robot has recently demonstrated the ability to fold laundry, as shown in a video posted by CEO Elon Musk. However, it's important to note that the robot's laundry-folding task was not fully autonomous. Instead, it was a pre-scripted demonstration where the robot acted like a marionette, going through prescribed motions to accomplish its task15. The demonstration involved the robot folding a single t-shirt on a fixed height table, which are highly artificial constraints1. Despite these limitations, Musk has stated that the robot will eventually be able to perform this task fully autonomously, without such constraints12. The Optimus robot is a general-purpose, bi-pedal, humanoid robot developed by Tesla. It's designed to perform tasks that are unsafe, repetitive, or boring for humans24. Despite the current limitations, the demonstration of the robot folding laundry represents a significant step forward in robotic technology. However, it's important to temper expectations regarding its immediate impact on domestic tasks, as significant advancements are still required before it can operate autonomously in a real-world environment7. In conclusion, while Tesla's Optimus robot has shown the ability to fold laundry, it's not yet capable of doing this task autonomously. The company is working towards this goal, but it's unclear when this level of functionality will be achieved.
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