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The California Forever project is an initiative to build a new, dynamic community in Solano County, California. The project was founded by Jan Sramek and is backed by a group of Silicon Valley billionaires. The plan includes building middle-class homes in safe, walkable neighborhoods, creating good-paying local jobs, and addressing regional infrastructure needs, including energy, transportation, water, and wildfire protection127. The proposed city is planned to be located halfway between San Francisco/Oakland and Sacramento, and aims to provide a solution to California's housing shortage. The project has the potential to serve as an example to other cities across the country, showing them a vision of what they might become if they had more density4. The project has faced some criticism and challenges. One of the main hurdles is that the project would violate the county’s long-standing voter-approved ordinance, which restricts new development to existing cities and sets aside most of the land for agriculture. Changing this designation requires voter approval, which the company hopes to get on the November 2024 ballot5. There are also concerns about the project's potential impact on local infrastructure, the environment, and the region's agricultural land1214. Despite these challenges, the project has made some progress. The developers have filed the East Solano Homes, Jobs and Clean Energy Initiative with the Solano County Registrar of Voters, aiming to qualify for the November ballot. They need to gather 13,500 valid signatures for that to happen8. The project promises to create at least 15,000 jobs paying at least 125% the Solano County average weekly wage, and to offer $400 million in down payment assistance to residents who buy into its planned community1314.
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