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The electric spoon and bowl are innovative utensils designed to enhance the salty taste of food without increasing sodium content. This technology was developed by scientists at Kirin Holdings Company and the Meiji University in Japan1. The devices, known as "Electric Salt" devices, use a weak electrical stimulation to transmit sodium ions from food to the diner's mouth, creating a sense of saltiness without any effect on the human body14. The electric spoon and bowl work by passing a very weak electric current through the food from the tip of the spoon and from the inside of the bowl when held14. This technology, referred to as "electric taste sensation", is designed to enhance the taste of low-sodium foods by approximately 1.5 times14. The devices are equipped with a switch to turn on the power and set the intensity of the flavor enhancement to the user's preference4. The electric spoon and bowl were developed in response to the high average daily salt intake in Japan, with the aim of helping people who want to consume less salt without compromising on taste14. The devices are particularly suitable for foods like ramen noodles and soups, which people often find unsatisfying due to their low salt content14. The electric spoon and bowl are set to be launched in Japan in 202314. They are part of a broader trend of using technology to enhance the sensory experience of eating, with other products like SpoonTEK also using electric stimulation to alter taste2. It's important to note that while the electric current used in these devices is very weak and reportedly has no negative effects on the human body, the actual taste experience and its comparison to the taste of actual salt remains to be fully evaluated by users6.
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