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In 2023, the most downloaded app globally was TikTok, with 672 million downloads1. However, in the United States, the most downloaded app was Temu, a Chinese e-commerce company23457. These rankings are based on the number of downloads across both iOS and Android platforms. It's worth noting that the top downloaded apps can vary by region and platform. For instance, while TikTok was the most downloaded app globally, it was the fifth most downloaded app in the U.S. on the iPhone457. The rise of Temu in the U.S. represents a shift in the app market, with Chinese-based apps gaining popularity and taking over spots previously held by U.S. tech giants like Meta and Google2. This shift could be due to market saturation of apps from U.S. tech giants, as many users already have these apps installed, and the growing demand for apps from Chinese firms2.
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