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The new AI-generated Beatles song is titled "Now and Then". It was released on November 2, 2023, and is the first "new" song by the Beatles since 1995. The song was originally written and recorded by John Lennon as a solo piano/vocal demo in 1979. The Beatles first attempted to make something from Lennon's "Now and Then" demo in the mid-'90s, when Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr reunited to work on "new" songs that would appear on the group's Anthology albums. However, progress on "Now and Then" eventually stalled out due to technical issues that made the original tape tricky to work with. The pivotal moment came earlier this decade, when director Peter Jackson was working on his comprehensive Get Back documentary for Disney Plus. His team developed a technology that allowed them to take practically any piece of music (even ancient demos) and "split all the different components into separate tracks based on machine learning". McCartney and Starr realized this was their opportunity to go back and give "Now and Then" the ending it deserved. McCartney recorded a bass track, Starr added drums, and producer Giles Martin came up with a string arrangement. The song is described as a moody, reflective piano ballad. It's not expected to supplant classics like "Strawberry Fields Forever" or "A Day in the Life" in the affections of Beatles fans, but it's considered a better song than "Free as a Bird" or "Real Love". The lyrics provide ample space for listeners to be moved, expressing a yearning for the bond between the Beatles: "Now and then I miss you / Now and then I want you to be there for me". The song is a testament to the Beatles' willingness to experiment with recording technology and their enduring influence in the music industry. It's a heartfelt, lovingly rendered curiosity that provides closure for the Beatles' legacy.
what is the reception of "now and then" among beatles fans
The reception of "Now and Then" among Beatles fans has been largely positive, with many expressing their excitement and appreciation for the new song. On Reddit, fans shared their emotional reactions, with comments such as "Absolutely beautiful perfect way of closing the book for them. I love this so much," and "This sounds like a massive Beatles' classic from another universe". Some fans were impressed by the clarity of Lennon's vocals, which were extracted from original cassette demos using AI technology. However, the song also received some criticism. Some fans felt that the song wouldn't have fit well into any Beatles album, and others thought it was better produced than previous songs in the anthology due to technical limitations. A review in the New York Post noted that while the song is a nostalgic trip back to the Baby Boomer glory days, the lyrics are underdeveloped and the tune is not as ambitious as the music that the Beatles were producing in their later years. Despite these criticisms, the overall sentiment among fans appears to be one of appreciation for the opportunity to hear a new Beatles song. As one Reddit user put it, "Honestly just can’t even comprehend the fact that I’m hearing a new Beatles song in 2023, nevermind the fact that it’s an absolute banger". Another review in Variety stated that the song is similar to and on a par with “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love,” and it's safe to say they've made it as good as it probably could be. In conclusion, the reception of "Now and Then" among Beatles fans has been largely positive, with many fans expressing their excitement and appreciation for the new song, despite some criticisms regarding the song's lyrics and composition.
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