Third of US citizens in UnitedHealthcare hack

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The recent data breach at UnitedHealthcare's Change Healthcare unit has potentially impacted a significant portion of the U.S. population. According to Andrew Witty, the CEO of UnitedHealth Group, it is estimated that the personal health information and personally identifiable information of "maybe a third" of Americans might have been compromised. This breach occurred due to hackers exploiting compromised credentials to access a Change Healthcare Citrix portal, which notably lacked multi-factor authentication at the time of the attack. The breach was first detected two months ago, and the extent of the data compromised is still under investigation. Despite efforts to secure the data, including a ransom payment, the full scope and details of the stolen information are yet to be fully determined. The stolen data did not include complete medical histories or doctors' charts, but the breach has caused significant concern due to the volume of sensitive information potentially exposed. In response to the breach, UnitedHealth has now enforced a policy across all its systems to implement multi-factor authentication to enhance security and prevent such incidents in the future. The ongoing investigation and the measures being taken to address the breach were discussed in recent Senate and House hearings, where Witty provided testimony on the incident.
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