This week AI news recap

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This week in AI news:
  1. Google announced its next-generation AI model, Gemini. However, the initial response to the "lite" version of the model, Gemini Pro, has been less than impressive, with some criticism over a faked product demo. The full version, Gemini Ultra, is expected to be integrated into various Google apps and services early next year.
  2. Mistral AI, a European AI company, raised €450M (~$484 million) at a $2 billion valuation. This significant funding round is seen as part of the EU's fight for AI sovereignty.
  3. In the marketing technology sector, there are concerns about the potential drawbacks of AI, particularly the creation of convincing forged content. Yahoo Advertising released Yahoo Blueprint, a central AI suite for optimizing campaign performance.
  4. Mozilla's Innovation Week is exploring various AI projects. The week-long event includes discussions on empowering developers with AI guides, personal AI agents, AI-driven website builders, and chatbot technology. A panel discussion on transparency and safety in AI is also scheduled.
  5. The European Union is making strides in implementing comprehensive AI rules, aiming to regulate platforms like ChatGPT. This move has sparked speculation within the AI realm.
  6. In the fashion industry, Balmain is employing AI for personalization in its latest project, using its Unicorn sneaker as a blank canvas for innovation. Adidas launched several virtual retail hubs in Roblox, demonstrating the increasing intersection of AI, fashion, and gaming.
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