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The outage of Meta's social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Threads, caused widespread disruption on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, which coincided with Super Tuesday primaries in several U.S. states. The issue began around 10 AM ET, with hundreds of thousands of users reporting being logged out and unable to access their accounts.1234567 Meta acknowledged the problem and stated they were working to resolve it, but the cause remained unclear.124 The outage affected users globally, preventing them from logging in, accessing content, and engaging on the platforms.57 Some speculated the timing, on a major election day, raised suspicions about the origins of the outage, though no evidence of foul play was provided.7 The disruption posed challenges for political campaigns and organizations relying on social media for voter outreach and engagement efforts on Super Tuesday.26 However, by late morning, Meta reported the services were being restored, though some users may have experienced lingering issues.18 While widespread outages of major platforms like Meta's are relatively rare, they can significantly impact communication, business operations, and access to information, especially during critical events like elections.27 The incident highlighted the reliance on and vulnerability of centralized social media networks and the need for resilient systems to maintain essential services.
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