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Tumblr's owner, Automattic, is reportedly in discussions with AI companies Midjourney and OpenAI to provide them with training data derived from users' posts on Tumblr. This information comes from a report by 404 Media, which cites an anonymous source within the company. The deals between Automattic and the AI firms are described as 'imminent.' This development follows rumors on Tumblr about a potential deal with Midjourney, which could open up a new revenue stream for the platform. Automattic is also planning to introduce a new setting that would allow users to opt-out of data sharing with third parties, including AI companies. However, there are concerns about a data dump that Automattic allegedly conducted, which included all of Tumblr's public post content from 2014 to 2023. This dump reportedly contained content that was not meant to be publicly visible on blogs, raising questions about privacy and the use of this data. The move by Automattic to provide training data to AI companies is part of a broader trend where companies are seeking to leverage publicly available online data for AI training purposes. This practice, however, has become legally riskier in recent years. Other companies, such as Reddit and Shutterstock, have also entered into deals with AI tool makers for similar purposes. Nonetheless, there has been pushback from the creative community, particularly artists and writers, who are concerned about their work being used for AI training without their consent. This has led to a delicate balance for companies trying to innovate with AI technologies while also respecting the rights and preferences of their users12.
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