US Election Night 2023

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The US Election Night 2023 is marked by several key races across the country, with voters deciding on a range of issues from gubernatorial seats and state legislatures to abortion ballot initiatives and heated school board races23. In Kentucky, Democratic Governor Andy Beshear is seeking re-election against Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Beshear's performance in helping rural areas recover from natural disasters could boost his performance in Republican areas, while Cameron's decision not to prosecute the police officers who shot Breonna Taylor could influence voters in her home city of Louisville3. In Mississippi, Republican Governor Tate Reeves is running against Democrat Brandon Presley. Reeves has faced challenges in fundraising and popularity recently, while Presley, a socially conservative candidate, pledges to expand Medicaid and has the support of native author John Grisham7. Ohio voters are deciding whether to amend the state’s constitution to provide protections for reproductive rights. This follows the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in summer 2022, and if approved, it will add to the series of wins for advocates seeking to enshrine abortion rights into state constitutions7. In Virginia, control of the state legislature will be decided, with a potential 15-week abortion ban looming if Republicans are victorious2. The state's legislative races have become a national test for both parties on abortion, with Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin aiming to flip the state’s Democratic senate and gain GOP control of state government7. An open spot on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will be filled, which could have a major effect on abortion rights and election integrity in the state for years to come2. These elections are seen as a bellwether for the 2024 election cycle, with the results potentially indicating the direction of the national political environment5. The largest urban and suburban areas will likely determine whether Democrats can maintain their advantages in the nation’s biggest population centers, despite the political environment traditionally favoring Republicans1.
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