US House bans use of Microsoft Copilot

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The US House of Representatives has implemented a strict prohibition on the use of Microsoft's AI-based chatbot, Copilot, by its staffers. This decision was made after the Office of Cybersecurity identified potential risks associated with the application, particularly the threat of leaking sensitive House data to cloud services that have not been approved by the House. The ban encompasses the removal and blocking of Copilot from all House Windows devices. This move reflects the House's ongoing efforts to navigate the internal use of AI technologies while also working on regulations for the rapidly evolving AI sector. Previously, in June of the previous year, the House had already restricted the use of ChatGPT, allowing only the paid subscription version under certain conditions while banning the free version. Microsoft Copilot, developed in collaboration with ChatGPT creator OpenAI, is designed to function as a standalone chatbot for web and mobile platforms, with paid versions integrating directly into Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. In response to the ban, Microsoft has expressed its intention to release a suite of AI tools tailored for government use, aiming to meet the higher security and compliance requirements of federal government entities. These tools are expected to be rolled out later in the year. The guidance issued by the House's Chief Administrative Officer, Catherine Szpindor, specifically mentions that the ban applies to the commercial version of Copilot. However, the House will consider evaluating a government version of Copilot once it becomes available to determine its suitability for use within the House. This decision underscores the broader concerns among US authorities and companies regarding the security implications of AI technologies, particularly the potential for confidential information to be inadvertently shared with unauthorized cloud services12345678.
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