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The Apple Vision Pro is a virtual reality (VR) headset that has been described as impressive and intuitive by various reviewers. Priced at $3,499, it is a high-end device that offers a unique blend of features and capabilities. The Vision Pro is designed to keep users connected to the world around them, rather than isolating them. It features a display on the front of the headset that allows onlookers to see a virtual version of the wearer's eyes, a feature Apple calls a "persona". The headset also offers a high-resolution virtual world that users can interact with in various ways, such as throwing an app to the upper right to view it on the ceiling. The device has been praised for its impressive displays and video passthrough, which are so clear that one reviewer was able to use their phone to take notes while wearing the headset. However, it was also noted that the Vision Pro is not as immersive as the marketing videos suggest, with black visible in the peripheral vision. The Vision Pro's passthrough video camera quality has been described as "good — really, really good". The headset's sleek design and comfortable fit have also been highlighted, with one reviewer comparing it to an Apple-designed Meta Quest Pro. The Vision Pro's vision tracking accuracy is very good, and the gestures used to control the device are similar to those used on the iPhone and iPad. The device's weight has been described as "not light", but it is well balanced with the back-strap. The Vision Pro's display is described as "absolutely bonkers", with a 4K display for each eye and pixels just 23 microns in size. The text is sharp, and the audio quality is great. The device also offers eye tracking, hand control, and voice control. Despite its high price, the Vision Pro has been described as a breakthrough for spatial computing and augmented reality. It's also been praised for its ease of use and convincing video passthrough. However, some concerns have been raised about its weight and the black visible in the peripheral vision.
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