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Walmart has unveiled a new search technology called GenAI at the CES conference. This tool, developed by combining Microsoft's AI models with Walmart's shopper data, allows customers to search for products based on specific use cases rather than brand names or objects. For example, customers can search using terms such as "a football watch party" or "help me plan a unicorn-themed party for my daughter," and receive a curated list of products, instead of individually searching for items like chips, wings, and balloons. The feature is currently available to iOS users and will be rolled out to its website and Android app users later this year1310. In addition to the GenAI search tool, Walmart is also developing a tool called "Walmart InHome Replenishment," which will help customers of its subscription-based InHome delivery program efficiently restock their online shopping carts with frequently purchased products1310. Walmart has been experimenting with generative AI to enhance the shopping experience for its customers. This includes a shopping assistant that provides personalized product suggestions and an interior design feature that places items in a room based on the AI's suggestions. Users can express their opinions on which items they want to keep or buy, and the AI also asks for a budget so it can find items that are affordable247. Walmart has also expanded the availability of an in-house AI tool called My Assistant to employees based in 11 countries. This tool uses a combination of cameras and AI-processing technology in the exit area of stores to capture images of carts and verify payment for all items within a basket. The technology is currently running as a pilot in 10 Sam's Club stores, and Walmart expects to rapidly expand this tech to nearly 600 clubs by the end of the year1011. Generative AI is a priority for Walmart, and the company is continuously exploring ways to innovate and use emerging tech to make shopping easier and more convenient for its customers247.
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