What do people do on Singles’ Day?

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Singles' Day, also known as Double 11, is a holiday celebrated primarily in China on November 11th. It was originally created by a group of students at Nanjing University in 1993 as a kind of anti-Valentine's Day, a day to celebrate being single. The date, 11/11, was chosen because the number '1' resembles a bare stick, which is Chinese internet slang for an unmarried man who does not add 'branches' to the family tree. The four '1's also abstractly refer to the demographic group of single people. Over the years, Singles' Day has evolved into a major commercial event and is now the largest online shopping day in the world. In 2020, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba registered $74.1 billion worth of sales on Singles' Day, outperforming Amazon's Prime Day by more than seven times. On Singles' Day, people who are not in relationships treat themselves to gifts. It's a day for celebrating individuality and self-love, and for recognizing the good friends in one's life. Many people also use the occasion to indulge in self-care and wellness activities. In addition to shopping, Singles' Day is also marked by various social activities. These include parties, karaoke nights, and blind date parties, which are popular as a way to meet new people and potentially find a partner. Livestreamed events are also massively popular during Singles' Day, with brands hosting live fashion shows, Q&As, product launches, and other events to generate sales. In recent years, Singles' Day has spread to other countries in Southeast Asia and has started to capture the attention of Western audiences. In the United Kingdom, for example, Singles' Day is celebrated on March 11th. It was initiated by a group of internationally recognized dating experts to help singles either embrace their single status or 'do something about it'. In summary, Singles' Day is a day for celebrating singlehood, treating oneself to gifts, and participating in social activities. It's also a major shopping event, with many brands offering discounts and special promotions.
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