What is Rabbit r1?

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The Rabbit r1 is an AI-powered companion device developed by the tech startup Rabbit. It's designed to handle digital tasks for users, aiming to simplify these tasks by bridging the gap between human intent and device execution1. The r1 is the first device to feature Rabbit OS, an operating system that can handle most of one's digital errands, from simple tasks like searching for up-to-date information to filling a virtual grocery store cart and completing transactions1. Physically, the r1 sports a unique design with a rotating 360-degree camera for computer vision, a push-to-talk button, and an analog scroll wheel for navigation2. It includes a 2.88-inch touchscreen and is equipped with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, a MediaTek Helio P35 processor, 4 GB of memory, and 128 GB of storage13. The device is compact and portable, with an intuitive design inspired by retro gadgets like the Tamagotchi1. The r1 runs the Linux-based Rabbit OS, which allows users to select and log into third-party apps and services they want, such as Spotify, Uber, or food delivery, through a portal called "rabbit hole"2. The device also features an advanced "teach mode" where users can demonstrate workflows for r1 to learn and replicate2. Rabbit has emphasized its commitment to user privacy, stating that Rabbit OS executes tasks with users' permission without storing personal data or requiring proxy, enhancing safety and security12. The r1 device is available for pre-order at $199, with shipments expected to begin in late March 20243.
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