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E/acc, short for Effective Accelerationism, is an ideology and movement that draws from Nick Land's theories of accelerationism. It advocates for the belief that artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) will lead to a post-scarcity technological utopia. The name is also a play on Effective Altruism, a social movement focused on an evidence-led form of philanthropy. The e/acc movement believes that technology and market forces, referred to as "technocapital," are accelerating in their power and abilities and cannot be stopped. They argue that technocapital can usher in the next evolution of consciousness, creating next-generation lifeforms and silicon-based awareness. The overarching goal for humanity, according to e/acc, is to preserve the light of consciousness. E/acc communities primarily fostered on Twitter Spaces, with e/acc manifestos being shared using the newsletter platform Substack. The movement has gained traction among some of Silicon Valley's elite, including Marc Andreessen and Garry Tan, CEO of Y Combinator. However, the movement has also sparked debates and criticisms. Some are skeptical of the idea that accelerating and open-sourcing AI capabilities research is more likely to result in good outcomes for society than being more cautious and authoritarian. Others question the movement's goal of accelerating AI development as quickly as possible, given the potential existential risks associated with AI
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