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Super Shoes, often referred to as pro or elite level shoes, are a type of technologically advanced footwear that has gained popularity in the running industry. They are known for their stacked foam, carbon-plated, rocker design, which has been credited with improving running times and breaking records among both professional and amateur runners1. The key features of Super Shoes include a thick layer of extremely light and responsive "super foam" for cushioning and a full-length rigid plate, usually made of carbon fiber3. The combination of these features makes Super Shoes light and springy, improving running efficiency by minimizing energy loss. This allows runners to conserve energy to run farther or faster1. The rocker design of Super Shoes provides smooth transitions and helps keep the runner moving in a forward motion, giving an edge on race day1. However, they are not designed for enduring lots of miles, and their high foam is not the most stable. The massive energy return can backfire while training since expending less energy in your workouts can result in your body not being as race-ready1. Super Shoes can also help with recovery. They allow you to use less effort when you race, so your body does not expend as much energy, and therefore won’t need as much time to recover. They reduce the amount of work your Achilles and calves need to do, which may help alleviate discomfort and pain in these areas1. However, Super Shoes come with a much higher price tag than typical racing shoes, and not all Super Shoes are the same. People have different foot structures, gaits, and running patterns, and therefore have different footwear needs. A Super Shoe that works for one person might not work for someone else, so it’s important to find a pair with features that feel comfortable to you1. Research has shown that Super Shoes can improve running economy by about 2.7 percent at speeds of 16 kilometers an hour compared to a control shoe. However, at slower speeds, the super shoes may not be as beneficial2. Despite this, studies have found that the 3-4% in energy savings is seen across a wide range of runners, from elite to average runners5. In conclusion, Super Shoes are a type of advanced running footwear designed to improve running efficiency and speed. They are not just for elite runners, but can benefit a wide range of runners. However, they are more expensive than typical running shoes and may not be suitable for everyone due to individual differences in foot structure and running patterns.
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