What is superalignment?

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Superalignment is a concept in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) safety and governance. It refers to ensuring that super artificial intelligence (AI) systems, which surpass human intelligence in all domains, act according to human values and goals4. The term was introduced by OpenAI, with the goal of building a roughly human-level automated alignment researcher, which can then use vast amounts of compute to scale efforts, and iteratively align superintelligence119. The process of superalignment involves developing a scalable training method, validating the resulting model, and stress testing the entire alignment pipeline119. It aims to identify and mitigate unintended adverse outcomes that may arise from advanced AI systems, minimizing potential adverse effects, and ensuring human autonomy by designing AI systems as valuable tools that augment human capabilities4. The concept of superalignment is critical in the context of AI development, as it addresses the risks associated with developing and deploying highly advanced AI systems. It is seen as a necessary measure to prevent a superintelligent AI from behaving in ways that could be harmful to humanity710.
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