When will Google Gemini launch?

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Based on the search results, it appears that Google has delayed the launch of its anticipated AI model Gemini to early 2024. Key points:
  • Google originally planned to unveil Gemini through launch events in New York, Washington, and California in December 2022. However, these events have been postponed to early 2024.
  • The delay is attributed to concerns about Gemini's ability to reliably handle non-English queries and prompts. Google wants to ensure the AI's global language support is robust before launch.
  • Gemini is expected to compete with and potentially surpass OpenAI's GPT-4 in both text and image generation capabilities. It leverages Google's advanced TPUv5 chips and vastly more computing power than GPT-4.
  • Google has provided some businesses early access to Gemini via its Google Cloud platform ahead of public release. This suggests the company is aiming to meet the new early 2024 target launch timeline.
  • While an exact date hasn't been confirmed, multiple reports point to Gemini's public launch occurring in Q1 2024, likely January or February.
In summary, Google Gemini's public release date has been pushed back from December 2022 to early 2024 due to final testing and improvements needed for non-English language support. Current expectations are that Gemini will publicly launch in Q1 2024.