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Beff Jezos is a pseudonym used by Guillaume Verdon, a former Google quantum computing engineer and the founder of an AI hardware startup called Extropic. Verdon is known for his online persona as Beff Jezos, where he is a prominent figure in the 'Effective Accelerationism' (e/acc) movement. He uses this persona to share his thoughts on artificial general intelligence (AGI), technology, and the future of humanity12. On the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), where he has 50,000 followers, Jezos often discusses his belief that institutions have decayed beyond the point of salvaging and that the media is a vector for cybernetic control of culture2. Despite his online persona's bombastic nature, Verdon has stated that Jezos does not reflect his real-life personality, describing himself as a "gentle Canadian"2. Verdon, as Jezos, has been described as a "thermodynamic priest" who enjoys "entropic flux" and "climbs the Kardashev gradient." He is also known for sculpting "memetic landscapes"1. His influence in the tech community is significant, with his ideas and persona captivating many of Silicon Valley's most powerful figures2.
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