Wound-healing magnetic gel

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Researchers have developed a wound-healing magnetic gel that can help diabetic wounds heal approximately three times faster than conventional wound dressings1. The gel, created by scientists at the National University of Singapore, contains tiny magnetic particles and two types of FDA-approved skin cells: keratinocytes, essential for skin repair, and fibroblasts, which help form connective tissue1. When exposed to a dynamic magnetic field generated by an external device, the gel exerts a gentle, rhythmic mechanical force, encouraging dermal fibroblasts to become more active and promoting the formation of new blood vessels111. This comprehensive approach to wound healing addresses multiple critical factors associated with diabetic wounds, such as managing elevated glucose levels, activating dormant skin cells, restoring damaged blood vessels, and repairing the disrupted vascular network within the wound17. The magnetic gel has potential applications beyond diabetic foot ulcers, including the treatment of complex wounds like burns1.
how does the magnetic gel work to heal wounds
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