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X, formerly known as Twitter, is currently testing a new feature that allows users to create or join communities focused on adult content or material deemed "not safe for work" (NSFW). This development is part of X's broader strategy to differentiate itself from other mainstream social networking services by openly offering NSFW groups. Users who create a community within the app can specify in the settings that their group "contains adult-sensitive content." These groups will then feature an "adult content" label, ensuring that users are aware of the nature of the content before joining or viewing the community26. The introduction of NSFW groups comes amid growing concerns over the proliferation of explicit material on the platform. According to screenshots uncovered by Daniel Buchuk, an analyst at Watchful, the new feature enables users to create or join groups specifically centered around adult content or material deemed NSFW. Members creating these communities have the option to designate their group as containing adult-sensitive content. Failure to label such groups may result in content filtering or removal by the platform8. While the possibility of requiring age verification for access to adult-themed groups remains uncertain, X's existing policies already dictate restrictions on graphic media, adult nudity, and sexual behavior for users under 18 or those without a verified birth date on their profile8. This move reflects X's attempt to balance the presence of adult content on its platform while adhering to policies that protect underage users and those who wish to avoid explicit material. The decision to test NSFW groups is part of X's efforts to reinvigorate its Communities feature, which allows users to post within smaller, interest-based subgroups. Despite the potential for NSFW Communities to give adult content creators a more direct way to reach their audience, it remains to be seen whether this feature will come to fruition. X's more lenient policy on adult content is critical for online sex workers to grow their businesses, as the platform is one of the few that allows adult content710. This development occurs as X, under Elon Musk's ownership, seeks to transform into an 'everything app' capable of hosting practically any non-illegal content. X allows posts regarding sexual behavior if users label them as sensitive but prohibits adult content in live videos and profile images8. The introduction of NSFW groups is a significant step in X's ongoing evolution and its efforts to cater to a wide range of content preferences among its user base.
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