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X, formerly known as Twitter, has been reported to be soliciting people to buy user handles that it has reclaimed from inactive accounts. The company has been sending out solicitation emails asking for a flat fee of $50,000 to initiate a purchase. X has a task force called the "@Handle Team" that is working on creating a marketplace for buying handles tied to inactive accounts. The company changed its policy this year to stipulate that users must log in every 30 days to remain active, and risk having their accounts suspended or permanently removed if they go long enough without signing on. However, X's website still states that it cannot release inactive usernames, suggesting that the company is exploring the possibility of a handle marketplace as another way to generate revenue from its users15. While the concept of selling user handles is relatively new, the practice of selling digital assets is not. For instance, there are marketplaces for buying and selling social media accounts, game accounts, and email lists2346. However, these transactions often involve a thorough vetting process to ensure the legitimacy of the accounts and the security of the transaction. It's also important to note that the terms and conditions of some platforms, like Instagram, prohibit the sale or transfer of accounts6. In the case of X, it remains unclear how long a user would have to remain inactive for their handle to be reclaimed and sold. It's also unclear which handles may be made available to buy or sell through the marketplace if and when it launches publicly. As of now, obtaining another user’s inactive handle doesn’t seem to be something just anybody can do15.
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