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Here is a comprehensive response citing relevant search results: Free online resources offer great opportunities for developing new skills and knowledge. There are many high-quality options available covering a wide range of topics.

Technical Skills

For building technical skills, some top recommendations are:
  • Codecademy 1 - Offers free courses on programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL, and more. Great for learning coding from the basics up to advanced concepts.
  • Microsoft Learn 2 - Provides free training on Microsoft products and technologies. Get access to official materials and earn certifications. Useful for Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and more.
  • Google Digital Garage 3 - Learn digital marketing skills and get certified by Google for free. Covers topics like data analytics, SEM, social media, and more.
  • Khan Academy 4 - Excellent source for math, science, engineering, and computing content. From algebra to algorithms, they have structured courses for all levels.

Business Skills

For business, management, and professional skills, top picks include:
  • Coursera 5 - Massive open online course provider. Tons of free classes from top universities on leadership, marketing, finance, strategy, and more.
  • edX 6 - Another great MOOC site with free courses on business fundamentals, communication, data analysis, and other workplace skills.
  • Udemy 7 - Marketplace for online courses. Often has deals on business skills courses covering Excel, management, HR, and more.
  • HubSpot Academy 8 - Free certifications in inbound marketing, sales, and service topics. Useful for digital marketing skills.

Personal Development

Some options for personal growth and lifestyle skills:
  • Skillshare 9 - Thousands of classes on creative skills like design, writing, photography, and more. Free premium trial available.
  • TED-Ed 10 - Short video lessons on a variety of academic and personal topics. Created by expert educators and animators.
  • Duolingo 11 - Fun, free app for learning languages. Supports Spanish, French, German, Italian and more. Engaging bite-sized lessons.
  • Youtube Channels 12 - Many creators offer free tutorials on their channels. Great for learning hobbies, crafts, health, and more.
The key is finding resources that provide well-structured courses, expert instruction, and hands-on learning. With so many free options today, anyone can build their skills online.
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