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After more than a decade since the iPad's initial release, Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a native Calculator app for the iPad with the upcoming release of iPadOS 18. This long-awaited feature has been a notable omission from the iPad's suite of apps, with users having to rely on third-party alternatives or web-based solutions for their calculation needs. The announcement of the Calculator app for iPad is expected to be made at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 10, 2024. The first beta of iPadOS 18 is predicted to be available following the WWDC keynote, with a general release slated for September 2024. The Calculator app will be available for all iPad models that are compatible with iPadOS 18. The new Calculator app is rumored to include a variety of features, such as a resizable window, a sidebar for displaying recent calculations, and integration with the Notes app for complex notations. These features are speculated to be similar to those expected in the redesigned Calculator app for macOS 15, suggesting a unified design language across Apple's platforms. Additionally, the Notes app on both iOS and iPadOS is expected to receive an upgrade with new voice memo features and math support, which could further enhance the functionality of the Calculator app on the iPad. The integration of iCloud compatibility is also anticipated, allowing for seamless synchronization of calculations across devices. The introduction of the Calculator app on the iPad is likely to be well-received by users, as it will provide a more integrated and ad-free experience for performing basic mathematical operations. It may also impact the market for third-party calculator apps that have filled the gap left by Apple's absence of an official app. In summary, the upcoming release of iPadOS 18 is set to finally bring the Calculator app to the iPad, fulfilling a long-standing user request and enhancing the overall functionality of the device.
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