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The first iPhone was introduced by Apple on January 9, 2007, marking the beginning of a new era in mobile technology. The device was officially released for sale later that year on June 29, 200778. This means that the iPhone's anniversary is typically recognized on two dates: the announcement date in January and the release date in June. As of today, January 10, 2024, it has been 17 years since the iPhone was first announced. The device has seen numerous iterations and improvements over the years, from the original iPhone to the latest models like the iPhone 15 Pro Max1512. The iPhone has significantly influenced the smartphone industry and consumer technology at large. It introduced a user-friendly touchscreen interface, a robust app ecosystem with the launch of the App Store in 2008, and numerous other features that have since become standard in smartphones110. The 10th anniversary of the iPhone was marked by the release of the iPhone X, which introduced a new design with an edge-to-edge screen and the removal of the home button2. The 15th anniversary in 2022 was celebrated with reflections on the device's impact and evolution14. As we approach the 17th anniversary of the iPhone's announcement, it's interesting to look back at how this groundbreaking device has evolved and speculate on what future iterations might bring12.
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