when will nuclear fusion reactors be able to power datacenters?

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Nuclear fusion reactors powering data centers may become a reality in the coming decades. However, there is no definitive timeline for when this will happen. Some experts believe that fusion energy could be commercially viable by the 2030s or 2040s47. Microsoft has signed a power purchase agreement with Helion Energy to get fusion power by 2028, targeting power generation of 50MW or greater after a one-year ramp-up8. However, many scientists are skeptical about this timeline and believe that significant challenges still need to be addressed before fusion energy can be harnessed on a large scale7. Commonwealth Fusion Systems aims to achieve first plasma in their SPARC reactor by 2025 and net energy output by the end of the same year3. They expect to have their ARC reactor operating for long, continuous periods by the early 2030s3. Meanwhile, other initiatives, such as the Chinese Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR) and Korea's K-DEMO, plan to start generating electricity by the 2050s5. In summary, while there is progress being made in the field of nuclear fusion, it is still uncertain when fusion reactors will be able to power data centers. The timeline could range from the late 2020s to the 2050s, depending on the success of ongoing research and development efforts3578.