Research 25 websites for the state and government support programs for startups and VC in Berlin

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Based on your request, I have researched state and government support programs for startups and venture capital in Berlin. Here are some of the key programs and resources available:
  1. Start-Up Funding - : This website provides information on legal issues, drafting business plans, and available funding programs for startups in Berlin.
  2. Start-up grants & Financial incentives for businesses in Germany : Germany offers various grants, loans, and financial incentives for entrepreneurs, including direct grants, public loans, public guarantees, and equity capital.
  3. Berlin Venture Capital Investors and Accelerators : Berlin has a vibrant VC scene and offers government grants, accelerators, and incubators for startups.
  4. Startup capital Berlin - Berlin Business Location Center : Berlin has diversified sources of financing, including business angels, venture capital companies, and government funding instruments.
  5. Berlin Startup Scholarship : This program provides skills, office space, and a stipend to pre-seed teams in Berlin.
  6. Advice and support for start-ups and young companies - : Berlin offers various public institutions and private investors, such as business angels, incubators, and accelerators, to assist startups.
  7. Public Funding Programs for Green and Social Businesses in Berlin : This website provides a list of public funding programs and public loans for startups in Berlin.
  8. Funding for business start-ups - Investitionsbank Berlin : Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) offers various financing and support programs for founders, young companies, and freelance professionals.
  9. GründungsBONUS : This funding program supports startups that are less than 12 months old and based in Berlin with grants for business coaching.
  10. Germany's €30Bn Start-up Strategy : The German government has published a comprehensive start-up strategy that aims to improve the availability of venture capital for young companies.
These resources should provide a good starting point for understanding the state and government support programs available for startups and venture capital in Berlin.
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