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Shanghai has various state and government support programs for startups and venture capital (VC) firms. Here are some notable programs and initiatives:
  1. Yangpu District: The district offers cash subsidies worth up to 15 million yuan (US$2.1 million) to attract local and global tech firms to its innovation belt along the Huangpu River.
  2. Huangpu District: The district plans to launch an investment fund to support local tech firms. The fund will be set up and operated by an investment organization affiliated with the Huangpu government.
  3. Shanghai Science and Technology Committee and Xuhui District: They have provided a research grant of over $5 million to blockchain startup Conflux.
  4. Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Public Computing Service Platform: Operated by the Shanghai Supercomputer Center, this platform offers companies and organizations cloud-based computing capabilities.
  5. Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Fund: A joint effort by Shanghai Municipality’s Venture Capital Guiding Fund and other investors, this fund supports the development of the integrated circuit industry.
  6. Pujiang Talent Program: This program targets talents in Shanghai, R&D, and entrepreneurs, providing funding of 300,000 yuan for Type A projects.
  7. Government Guidance Funds: Between 2015 and 2021, around 2,000 government guidance funds collectively raised almost $1 trillion in China. The state accounted for one-third of all capital raised in Chinese limited partnerships, making it the country's biggest source of venture capital.
  8. Shanghai Star Market: Launched by the local government, this innovation-oriented board provides domestic tech companies with a new fundraising platform.
In addition to these programs, Shanghai is home to numerous venture capital firms and startup accelerators, such as China Accelerator, Inno Spring, and Founders Space. The city also has a thriving startup ecosystem, with strong support for entrepreneurs, access to funding and resources, and a vibrant and innovative environment.
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