headsail furler

A headsail furler is a device that allows you to roll up and unroll your jib or genoa sail while it remains hoisted on the forestay. It consists of a foil or torque tube that rotates around the forestay, with the luff of the sail attached to grooves in the foil. At the bottom is a drum or spool that the furling line is wound around. By pulling the furling line, it rotates the foil and rolls up the sail. The key benefits of a headsail furler are:
  1. Allows you to easily reef or unfurl the headsail from the safety of the cockpit, without leaving the deck.
  2. Enables short-handed or solo sailing by eliminating the need to go on deck to handle the headsail.
  3. Provides a convenient way to stow the headsail when not in use or in heavy weather.
There are different types of headsail furlers available:

Manual Furlers

These use a furling line to manually rotate the foil and roll up the sail. Popular manual furler brands include Harken, Furlex, Bamar, and CDI.

Motorized Furlers

These use an electric or hydraulic motor to rotate the foil, allowing push-button furling from the cockpit. Profurl is a leading manufacturer of motorized furlers.

Flexible Furlers

These use an internal halyard instead of a foil, keeping the tension off the mast rigging. Examples are the Flexible Furler and Facnor LS furlers. When selecting a headsail furler, key considerations are the boat size, headsail size and type, ease of installation, and whether you want a manual or powered system.
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