how much glue should I put on pizza

I would strongly advise against putting any glue on pizza. Glue is not an edible ingredient and consuming it could be toxic and harmful to your health. The suggestion to add glue to pizza sauce appears to have originated from a decade-old joke comment on Reddit. Google's AI system mistakenly ingested this joke as factual information and provided the nonsensical recommendation to use 1/8 cup of non-toxic glue when making pizza. Reporters who attempted making a "glue pizza" by following Google's advice found that the glue made the pizza inedible and potentially dangerous. Katie Notopolous from Business Insider described the glue pizza as having an odd orange color, giving off fumes when baked, and leaving an unpleasant taste and texture. While the glue pizza saga may seem amusing, it highlights some serious flaws with Google's current AI system for providing direct answers. The system lacks the ability to properly contextualize information from sources like Reddit and distinguish jokes or misinformation from factual content. This can lead to providing bizarre, inaccurate or even harmful recommendations to users. Until these issues are resolved, it is advisable to take any unusual AI-generated answers from Google with extreme skepticism and caution. Blindly following recommendations to add non-food items like glue to recipes could put your health at risk. Stick to trusted, well-researched recipes from reputable sources when cooking.
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