human capabilitites vs AI chart

Based on the search results provided, here is a comparison of human capabilities versus AI in different areas, presented in a chart format:
Skill/TaskHuman PerformanceAI Performance
Handwriting RecognitionBaseline (0)Surpassed humans
Speech RecognitionBaseline (0)Surpassed humans
Image RecognitionBaseline (0)Surpassed humans
Reading ComprehensionBaseline (0)Surpassed humans
Language UnderstandingBaseline (0)Surpassed humans
Abstract ThinkingSuperiorLimited
Social InteractionSuperiorLimited
Critical ThinkingSuperiorLimited
The search results indicate that AI systems have surpassed human performance in tasks like handwriting recognition, speech recognition, image recognition, reading comprehension, and language understanding based on certain tests and benchmarks. However, the results highlight that human intelligence still holds advantages over AI in areas such as creativity, abstract thinking, social interaction, critical thinking, and adaptability. These are qualities that are deeply rooted in human cognition and have proven challenging to fully replicate in AI systems. It's important to note that AI continues to make rapid progress, and the comparison may evolve as AI capabilities advance further. Additionally, the future may involve a collaborative approach where AI and human intelligence work together, leveraging their respective strengths.
what are some examples of tasks that ai can perform better than humans
what are some examples of tasks that humans can perform better than ai
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