is astrid french series a good depiction of autism

Yes, the French crime drama series "Astrid et Raphaëlle" (known as "Astrid: Murder in Paris" in English) is widely praised for its authentic and thoughtful depiction of autism through the character of Astrid Nielsen, played by Sara Mortensen. Here are some key points about how the show portrays autism:
  • Astrid is openly identified as being on the autism spectrum from the very beginning. Her autism is treated as an integral part of her character rather than just a quirk or plot device.
  • Mortensen's performance as Astrid is lauded for capturing the nuances of autism, such as stimming behaviors, difficulty with eye contact, need for routine, and challenges with social interactions.
  • The show doesn't sensationalize or mock Astrid's autism. Instead, it highlights her exceptional memory, pattern recognition skills, and different way of perceiving the world as assets for solving crimes.
  • Storylines explore the discrimination and misunderstanding Astrid faces due to neurotypical society not accommodating her needs. For example, she attends an "Autistic Adults Anonymous" support group.
  • Autistic viewers have praised the show for its realistic and compassionate representation, with one commenter stating "I am autistic and I really appreciate how thoughtfully Astrid is portrayed."
So in portraying Astrid's autism authentically while also celebrating her abilities, the "Astrid et Raphaëlle" series has been commended by many as an insightful and positive depiction that increases understanding of autism spectrum disorder.
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